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Eco Crown Hospitality Terms and Conditions

  1. Authorization: By becoming a member of Eco Crown Hospitality, you authorize us to list your property on our website, including the information provided in your Eco Crown Hospitality certification program recognition. You also authorize that you have the authority and intellectual property ownership to provide any other materials you upload on Eco Crown Hospitality. You must notify us of any changes in management and proprietorship.
  2. Accuracy: You authorize that all information entered into your Eco Crown Hospitality certification program, your property details are an accurate representation of your business and environmental business practices.
  3. Liability: Under no circumstances will Eco Crown Hospitality be liable for any disputes arising out of use of this certification program. If any unlawful or misleading information is uploaded to this website certification program, Eco Crown Hospitality is not liable for any disputes related to the information. In addition, Eco Crown Hospitality is not liable for any misunderstandings that arise from the certification information, text or photos uploaded to this website. You hereby release Eco Crown Hospitality from any liability arising from use of this certification program website, whether intentional, accidental, direct or indirect. 
  4. Eco-Audit: 30 day prior to your Eco Crown Hospitality — Audit Certification you will be notified via email. You must submit your eco-audit no later than 30 days after due date.
  5. Health Liability: Eco Crown Hospitality is not liable for any health issues that travelers or guests may encounter while visiting your property.
  6. Editing: Eco Crown Hospitality reserves the right to edit information, to correct spelling or grammar, or to create a more uniform appearance throughout the site. Eco Crown Hospitality reserves the right to edit property certification as per eco-audit terms and reports.
  7. Temporary Removal: Eco Crown Hospitality reserves the right to remove a listing in the event the company determines that improvements are required for your property certification program. 
  8. Removal of A Listing: Eco Crown Hospitality reserves the right to remove a listing for violation of stated terms and conditions, or for any other reason. In the event your listing is removed, Eco Crown Hospitality will not refund your membership fee as you have explicitly violated any of the Terms and Conditions listed here.
  9. Layout: Eco Crown Hospitality reserves the right to change the structure and appearance of its website.
  10. Cancellation: You may cancel your certification membership with Eco Crown Hospitality at any time without penalty. Membership fees are collected quarterly or semi annually as per your certification program by credit card. If you cancel at any time during the year, you will not be charged for the next year. To cancel your membership, please call -1-877-326-7829, or e-mail your member representative at Eco Crown Hospitality.
  11. Guarantees: Eco Crown Hospitality does not guarantee an increase in bookings based on your property environmental certification.
  12. Unauthorized Use: You may not do any of the following without prior written consent of Eco Crown Hospitality:
  • Copy, republish, duplicate, display, distribute, post or transmit any part of the content of Eco Crown Hospitality certification program and website in any form whatsoever.
  • Reproduce the content of this website and certification program on your website without express written permission.
  • Mirror any portions of this website and certification program.
  • Reverse engineer any part of Eco Crown Hospitality.
  • Use any kind of automated device to monitor or copy any of the content of this website and certification program.
  • Post anything on the website that is false, fraudulent, indecent, inflammatory, profane, unlawful, criminal or distasteful.
  • Upload anything to the website that might contain viruses, worms, or any other computer programming that might interfere with Eco Crown Hospitality website or equipment.
  • Use any sort of device that attempts to interfere with the operation of this site.
  • Attempt to disguise the origin of the information uploaded to this site.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

Eco Crown Hospitality reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Privacy Policy

Eco Crown Hospitality will not sell, lend, or in any way distribute your information to unauthorized persons, businesses or organizations.

Upon joining Eco Crown Hospitality, you provide permission to Eco Crown Hospitality features and partnerships. As a Eco Crown Hospitality member you provide permission to contact you about features and partnerships of Eco Crown Hospitality and you will receive our occasional e-news with information about greening your property, and other important membership matters.


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