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Why Eco Audit Certification from Eco Crown May Be the Most Important Decision You Make This Year

When the new international green certification standards are released, will your properties meet those standards?

Eco audit certification from Eco Crown Hospitality is specifically designed to keep you up to date with the latest certification standards so you will never lose your certification. We are working right now with Travelocity, Expedia, the UN and existing government certification programs to develop the latest global standards. As leaders in setting the standards, we'll make sure our clients never need to worry about green certification again.

Eco Crown's Global Eco Audit Certification process - how does it work?

Our certifications are based on a point system which awards businesses a Bronze, Silver or Gold crown — offering individual operators the choice to grow gradually within the program or completely convert their entire operations. Either way, you can begin advertising your green certification from your first audit.

Our process is entirely online so there are no travel requirements and associated costs (another green marketing opportunity). We audit your:

  • Operating expenses and management practices
  • Water and energy consumption and conservation practices
  • Waste production, handling and recycling
  • Building interior and furniture
  • Grounds and landscaping
  • Human health, guest services and education
  • Local economy

We use a simple online eco-audit system. We also developed specific eco-audits for each segment of the hospitality industry. Simply choose hotels/resorts, B & Bs, restaurants, lodges or vacation homes and then:

  • Sign up with your property information
  • Make your first payment
  • Begin your questionnaire - don't worry about completing it all at once; your score is automatically updated as you go
  • Based on your answers, you receive points towards your organic award
  • You then have 14 days to submit your eco-audit required documents
  • Within 14 days of receiving your green-audit documents you will receive your 'Eco Crown Certification' certificate and award logo link
  • And that's all there is to it! Start now...

What information or documentation will I need?

We recommend you sit down with your department managers to go through the process. Simply open the Eco-Audit Checklist (pdf document) It contains a complete list of documentation required to substantiate your questionnaire answers. You will have 14 days to submit this information after receiving your green award results.

Why does certification benefit my bottom line?

It benefits your bottom line because we cut your costs, save you money and our online certification process is the easiest, globally recognized, green audit program in the world. With Eco Crown, green certification of hotels/resorts, B & Bs, restaurants, lodges and vacation homes is:

  • Simple, fast and easy — handled completely on—line — try it now
  • Because we're the globally recognized standard, we can transform your entire operation and all your properties anywhere in the world
  • Immediately improves your bottom line — our green audits cut your costs
  • Your Eco Crown green certification is recognized globally and keeps your properties up to date
  • Our certification programs are now available in Spanish, German and French

Eco Crown Hospitality is the only recognized eco-certification program worldwide created by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals. Simply sign up, sign in, and get certified today!

Why an Eco Audit Certification from us is the perfect solution...

Marketing Benefits:

First, displaying the Eco Crown logo makes you desirable to the 43% of Americans who say they are changing their lifestyle to be "more green". In addition:

  • As a member you receive free property sign up at and where we showcase our 'green' clients globally.
  • Eco Crown Hospitality's green certification is a great differentiator! Why? With eco consumers so well educated, just claiming to be "green" no longer works. We give you the global certification and transparency to prove you're green.
  • We bring you instant legitimacy with the green community, the media and the public.Because of our high visibility in both the eco community and the hospitality industry, we are recognized as a global leader in eco-tourism.
  • Convinced? Simply sign up, sign in, and get certified today!

Financial Benefits:

Aside from the fact that Eco Tourism is growing exponentially and estimated to become a $77 billion dollar industry in 2009, with Eco Crown you'll get:

  • Significant resource cost savings because reducing your resource use cuts your costs
  • Reduced operating costs including energy and water consumption
  • Supplier discounts as a member of our green network
  • The advantages are obvious. Simply sign up, sign in, and get certified today!

Cost examples showing why our online audit program works for you:

Compare our costs to any other green certification program available. When you combine our low cost, our online convenience, your operating cost savings and your boost in "green" business, it's easy to see why our green certification should be your first choice.


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